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List of Names meaning 'Born From Fire'

AaghnyaIndianBorn from fire,  Goddess LaxmiGirl
AaghnyaIndianBorn from fire,  Goddess LakshmiGirl
AagneyIndianBorn from fire,  Son of fireBoy
AagneyaIndianBorn from fire,  Son of fireBoy
CanicusLatinBorn of fireBoy
CinaedScottishBorn of FireBoy
CináedScottishBorn of FireGirl
CionaodhScottishBorn of FireBoy
KeninaEnglishBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeGirl
KeninaIndianBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeGirl
KeninaScottishFinely made and Born of fireGirl
KenitIndianHandsome man,  Born of fireBoy
KenitIndianA handsome man,  Born of fireBoy
KenithEnglishBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeBoy
KenithIndianBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeBoy
KennaEnglishBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeGirl
KennaIndianBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeGirl
KennaScottishFinely made and Born of fireGirl
KennethEnglishBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeBoy
KennethIndianBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeBoy
KennithEnglishBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeBoy
KennithIndianBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeBoy
KennyEnglishBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeBoy
KennyIndianBorn of fire,  Comely,  Finely madeBoy
KinneyScottishBorn of FireBoy
MakennaEnglishBorn of fireGirl
MakennaIndianBorn of fireGirl
MckennaEnglishBorn of fireGirl
MckennaIndianBorn of fireGirl
VasumanIndianBorn of fireBoy

List of Surnames meaning 'Born From Fire'

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Origin:  IrishScottishEnglishLatinIndian
Religion:  HinduChristian
Rashi:  VrushabhMeshMithun
Nakshatra:  KrithikaRohiniPunarvasu
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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