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List of Names meaning 'Bright'

AalokIndianBrightness,  Light,  Cry of victory,  A man with lovely hairBoy
AalokSanskritBrightness,  Light,  Cry of victory,  A man with lovely hairBoy
AdalbertGermanBright nobilityBoy
AdalbertTeutonicBright nobilityBoy
AdalbertoItalianBright NobilityBoy
AdalbertoSpanishBright NobilityBoy
AdalbrechtGermanBright nobilityBoy
AdalbrechtTeutonicBright nobilityBoy
AdelbertGermanBright,  NobleBoy
AdelbrechtGermanBright,  NobleBoy
AethelberhtAnglo-SaxonNoble and brightBoy
AethelbertAnglo-SaxonNoble and brightBoy
AetherLatinBright,  Upper AirBoy
AgnipravaIndianBright as fireBoy
AgnipravaIndianBright as the fireBoy
AgnipravaSanskritBright as the fireBoy
AgniveshIndianBright as the fireBoy
AgniveshIndianBright as the fire,  Dhronacharya's guruBoy
AgniveshIndianBright as fireBoy
AgniveshIndianDhronacharya's Guru,  Bright as the fireBoy
AgniveshSanskritDhronacharya's Guru,  Bright as the fireBoy
AilbertEnglishBright NobilityBoy
AilbertIndianBright NobilityBoy
AilbertScottishBright with nobilityBoy
Akemi  (明美)JapaneseBright BeautifulGirl
Aki  (,  ,  )JapaneseAutumn,  BrightUnisex
Akihiko  (明彦)JapaneseBright,  Shining PrinceBoy
Akihiro  (明宏)JapaneseGreat BrightnessBoy
Akiko  (秋子,  明子,  晶子)JapaneseAutumn Child Or Bright ChildGirl
Akio  (昭雄,  昭夫)JapaneseBright ManBoy
Akira  (,  )JapaneseBright,  Clear,  Dawnunisex
AlbertEnglishBright NobilityBoy
AlbertFrenchNoble,  BrightBoy
AlbertGermanNoble and BrightBoy
AlbertIndianBright NobilityBoy
AlbertNorwegianNoble and brightBoy
AlbertPolishNoble,  BrightBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Bright'

Origin:  SanskritLatinPolishGermanTeutonicIrishIndianJapaneseItalianScottishEnglishFrenchAnglo-SaxonNorwegianSpanish
Religion:  HinduChristian
Rashi:  Mesh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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