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List of Names meaning 'Famous'

AbhinabhasIndianRenowned,  FamousBoy
AdelmarGermanNoble and FamousBoy
AethelmaerAnglo-SaxonNoble and famousBoy
AimanKazakhFamous,  A Beautiful as MoonGirl
AjantaIndianFamous Buddhist cave,  Eternal fameGirl
AjantaIndianFamous Buddhist caveGirl
AlmiraEnglishNobly famous,  Exalted one,  PrincessGirl
AlmiraIndianNobly famous,  Exalted one,  PrincessGirl
AloisGermanFamous warrior,  Famous in battleBoy
AloiseSpanishFamous Warrior,  Famous in BattleGirl
AloisiaGermanFamous warrior,  Famous in battleGirl
AloisiaLatinFamous warriorGirl
AloisioPortugueseFamous warriorBoy
AloisiusLatinFamous warriorBoy
AlojzCzech & SlovakFamous WarriorBoy
AlojzyPolishFamous Warrior,  Famous in BattleBoy
AloysLatinFamous warriorBoy
AloysiaGermanFamous WarriorGirl
AloysiusLatinFamous warriorBoy
AlviseItalianFamous WarriorBoy
AmrapaliIndianA famous courtesan who became devotee of lord BuddhaGirl
AmrapaliIndianFamous courtesan who became a devotee of lord BuddhaGirl
AmritchandraIndianA famous Jain acharyaBoy
AmrutchandraIndianA famous Jain acharyaBoy
AnusriIndianGlorious,  FamousGirl
Aristokles  (Αριστοκλής)GreekMost famousBoy
AylmerEnglishNobly famousBoy
AylmerIndianNobly famousBoy
BannruodGermanFamous CommanderBoy
BerdineFrenchGlorious and famous maidenGirl
BerdineGermanGlorious and famous maidenGirl
BerdineGreekGlorious and famous maidenGirl
BhaanumatiIndianFull of luster,  FamousGirl
BhaanumatiSanskritFull of Luster,  FamousGirl
BhadrabahuIndianA famous Jain acharya from medieval India,  Guru of ChandraguptaBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Famous'

Origin:  SanskritPortuguesePolishGermanFrenchIndianCzech & SlovakItalianGreekEnglishLatinAnglo-SaxonKazakhSpanish
Religion:  HinduJainChristianMuslim
Rashi:  VrushabhDhanMesh
Nakshatra:  KrithikaPurva ShadaMoola
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)Guru (Jupiter)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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