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List of Names meaning 'From France'

FanniFinnishFree,  From FranceGirl
FannyFinnishFree,  From FranceGirl
FerangHungarianFree,  From FranceGirl
FerencHungarianFree man,  From FranceBoy
FeriHungarianFree man,  From FranceBoy
FerikeHungarianFree,  From FranceGirl
FerkeHungarianFree man,  From FranceBoy
FerkoHungarianFree man,  From FranceBoy
FrancenaFrenchFree,  From FranceGirl
FranceneFrenchFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancesEnglishFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancesIndianFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancescaItalianFree,  from FranceGirl
FrancescoItalianFree,  from FranceBoy
FranciHungarianFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancilleFrenchFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancinaFrenchFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancineEnglishFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancineFrenchFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancineIndianFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancisEnglishFree,  From FranceBoy
FrancisFrenchFree,  From France,  FrenchmanBoy
FrancisIndianFree,  From FranceBoy
FranciscaLatinFrench,  Free,  From FranceGirl
FranciscaSpanishFree,  From FranceGirl
FranciscoSpanishFree,  From FranceBoy
FranciscusLatinFrench,  Free,  From FranceBoy
FranciskaHungarianFree,  From FranceGirl
FranciszekPolishFree,  From FranceBoy
FranciszkaPolishFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancizekPolishFree,  From FranceBoy
FrancoItalianFree,  from FranceBoy
FrancoSpanishFree,  From FranceBoy
FrancoisFrenchFree,  From FranceBoy
FrancoiseFrenchFree,  From FranceGirl
FrancziskaHungarianFree,  From FranceGirl
FraniaPolishFree,  From FranceGirl
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List of Surnames meaning 'From France'

Origin:  ItalianEnglishSpanishHungarianFrenchLatinFinnishPolishIndian
Religion:  Christian
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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