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List of Names meaning 'Healthy'

AsenBulgarianHealthy,  Safe,  SoundBoy
BalineHungarianHealthy,  StrongBoy
BalintHungarianHealthy,  StrongBoy
CuongVietnameseFlourishing,  HealthyBoy
EloisaItalianHale Wide,  Very Healthy and SoundGirl
EloisaSpanishFamous in war,  Healthy,  StrongGirl
EloiseEnglishHale Wide,  Very healthy and soundGirl
EloiseIndianHale Wide,  Very healthy and soundGirl
ElouiseEnglishHale Wide,  Very healthy and soundGirl
ElouiseIndianHale Wide,  Very healthy and soundGirl
ElwisiaLatinHale wide,  Healthy and soundGirl
FolantWelshHealthy,  StrongBoy
HeeradIndianAppearing fresh and healthyBoy
HeeradIranian (Persian)Appearing fresh and healthyBoy
HeilwidisGermanHale wide,  Healthy and soundGirl
HeilwidisTeutonicVery healthy and soundGirl
HeilwigGermanHealthy BattleGirl
HelewidisGermanHale wide,  Healthy and soundGirl
HelewidisTeutonicVery healthy and soundGirl
HelewiseFrenchHale Wide,  Very healthy and soundGirl
HeloiseEnglishHale Wide,  Very healthy and soundGirl
HeloiseIndianHale Wide,  Very healthy and soundGirl
HéloïseEnglishHale Wide,  Very healthy and soundGirl
HéloïseIndianHale Wide,  Very healthy and soundGirl
HilleviFinnishHealthy BattleGirl
HiradIndianAppearing fresh and healthyBoy
HiradIranian (Persian)Appearing fresh and healthyBoy
JamaarEnglishHappy and healthyBoy
JamaarIndianHappy and healthyBoy
JamarEnglishHappy and healthyBoy
JamarIndianHappy and healthyBoy
Jia  (,  )ChineseGood,  Fine,  HealthyBoy
Jian  (,  )ChineseWell Build,  Strong,  HealthyUnisex
KenEnglishHealthy,  StrongBoy
KenIndianHealthy,  StrongBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Healthy'

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