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Abu BakrIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
Abu BakrIndianCompanion of prophet MohammedBoy
Abu BakrIndianThe companion of prophet MohammedBoy
AdamIndianA Prophets nameBoy
AdiIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AdyanIndianName of a prophetBoy
AishaIndianLiving,  Prosperous,  Wife of prophet MohammedGirl
AliIndianHigh,  Noble,  Excellent,  Elevated,  Exalted,  Prophet Mohammad's son in lawBoy
AliIranian (Persian)High,  Prophet Mohammad's Son in LawBoy
AnasahIndianFreed slave of prophetBoy
AqibIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
AulaIndianProphet MuhammadBoy
AushahIndianWife of prophet MuhammadGirl
AyeeshaIndianName of prophet Mohammed wifeGirl
AyeshaIndianProphet Mohammad's wifeGirl
AyoobIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AyoobIndianA Prophet's nameBoy
AyoobIndianProphet's nameBoy
AyshahIndianWife of prophet MuhammadGirl
AyubIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AzraqIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
BashirIndianPropitious,  Auspicious,  PrudentBoy
BatinIndianUnseen,  Another name for prophet MuhammadBoy
BilaalIndianA prophet's person calling prayerBoy
BilalIndianA prophet's person calling prayerBoy
BurakTurkishTransported the Prophet MuhammadBoy
DaaiIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
DaawoodIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DawoodIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DawoudIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DawudIndianA Prophets nameBoy
Dhul FiqaarIndianName of the prophet's swordBoy
DihyatIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
DurrahIndianPearl,  Companion of prophet MuhammadGirl
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Origin:  SpanishPersian (Iranian)TurkishEnglishIndian
Religion:  HinduChristianMuslim
Rashi:  MeshVrushabh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)Shukra (Venus)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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