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List of Names meaning 'Red'

AaminaIndianSecured,  SafeGirl
AaminahIndianSecured,  SafeGirl
AarikaIndianAdmired for looksGirl
Abdul JaleelIndianServant of the great,  ReveredBoy
Abdul-JaleelIndianServant of the great,  ReveredBoy
AbhijeetIndianVictorious,  One who has conquered,  Lord KrishnaBoy
AbhijeetIndianVictorious,  One who has conqueredBoy
AblaIndianFull figuredGirl
AdamBiblicalRed EarthBoy
AdamEnglishEarth,  Man,  RedBoy
AdamIndianEarth,  Man,  RedBoy
AdaminaEnglishEarth,  Man,  RedGirl
AdaminaIndianEarth,  Man,  RedGirl
AdamineEnglishEarth,  Man,  RedGirl
AdamineIndianEarth,  Man,  RedGirl
AdaminnaEnglishEarth,  Man,  RedGirl
AdaminnaIndianEarth,  Man,  RedGirl
AddamEnglishEarth,  Man,  RedBoy
AddamIndianEarth,  Man,  RedBoy
AdeebIndianA literary Person,  cultured,  civilizedBoy
AdeebaIndianA literary Person,  cultured,  civilizedGirl
AdibIndianCultured,  CivilizedBoy
AdibaIndianCultured,  CivilizedGirl
AdminaHebrewOf the Red EarthGirl
AdmonHebrewRed EarthBoy
AdokPolishRed EarthBoy
AdorabellaLatinAdored BeautyGirl
AdorabelleLatinAdored BeautyGirl
AfeerahIndianCovered with soil or dustGirl
AfferaArabianPink or Reddish-WhiteGirl
AffraArabianPink or Reddish-WhiteGirl
Afra  (عفرا)ArabianWhitish RedGirl
AfraIndianDust coloredGirl
AfraLatinPink,  Reddish WhiteGirl
AhmadIndianPraiseworthy,  Commendable,  Highly adoredBoy
AhmarIndianRed coloredBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Red'

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Religion:  HinduChristianMuslim
Rashi:  Mesh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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