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List of Names meaning 'The Source'

Abdul BarrIndianServant of the source of goodnessBoy
AbhigyaanIndianSource of knowledgeBoy
AhladajananiIndianSource of happinessGirl
AristarchusLatinBest Ruler,  Excellent Origin,  SourceBoy
As Salam (السلام)IndianThe Source of Peace 
AxelGermanSource of lifeBoy
BronAfricanThe SourceGirl
BurimAlbanianFountain,  SourceBoy
CheliyanIndianRich,  Resourceful,  ProsperousBoy
GenesisEnglishCreation,  Generation,  Origin,  SourceGirl
GenesisIndianCreation,  Generation,  Origin,  SourceGirl
JivikaIndianSource of lifeGirl
PachaiIndianYouthful,  ResourcefulBoy
PachaimaniIndianYouthful,  ResourcefulBoy
PachaimuthuIndianYouthful,  ResourcefulBoy
PegasusLatinBorn near the Pege (Source of the Ocean,  Spring,  Well)Boy
Ploutarchos  (Πλούταρχος)GreekSource of wealthBoy
PlutarchLatinSource of wealthBoy
PlutarchusLatinSource of wealthBoy
ShivakariIndianSource of auspicious thingsGirl
ShivakariSanskritSource of Auspicious Things,  Goddess LakshmiGirl
Shunyuan  (顺源)ChineseFollow to the SourceBoy
SokwNative AmericanSourGirl
YolihuaniNahuatlSource of lifeGirl

List of Surnames meaning 'The Source'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AltonEnglish Old Town,  Settlement at the river source
Origin:  AfricanNahuatlEnglishGreekSanskritChineseLatinGermanAlbanianIndianNative American
Religion:  HinduChristianMuslim
Rashi:  MithunMakarKumbhKanyaMeshMin
Nakshatra:  Poorva PhalguniUthra ShaadaHasthaSathabishamUttara PhalguniAswiniPurva ShadaKrithika
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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