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List of Names meaning 'Young'

AanisaIndianYoung lady,  MaidenGirl
AanisahIndianYoung lady,  MaidenGirl
AbhinavIndianYoung,  New,  Novel,  InnovativeBoy
AbhinavIndianYoung,  New,  Novel,  Innovative,  An ActBoy
AbhinavaIndianNew,  Young,  Fresh,  ModernBoy
AbhinavaIndianNew,  Young,  Fresh,  Modern,  ExperienceBoy
AegidiosGreekKid,  Young GoatBoy
AegidiusLatinKid,  Young GoatBoy
AfraHebrewYoung DoeGirl
AgidGermanKid,  Young GoatBoy
AgidiusGermanKid,  Young GoatBoy
AigidiusLatinKid,  Young GoatBoy
AnujIndianYounger Brother,  Good in everythingBoy
AnujIndianGood in everything,  Younger brotherBoy
AnujIndianYounger brotherBoy
AnujaIndianGood in everything,  Younger sisterGirl
AnujaIndianYounger SisterGirl
AnujaSanskritYounger SisterGirl
AzzaIndianYoung female gazelleGirl
AzzaIndianYoung gazelleGirl
AzzahIndianYoung,  Female gazelleGirl
BaalaIndianA young girlGirl
BaalaSanskritA young girlGirl
BaalkrishanIndianYoung KrishnaBoy
Bakr  (بكر)ArabianYoung CamelBoy
BakrIndianYoung camelBoy
BalaIndianYoung girl,  DamselGirl
BalaIndianYoung girlGirl
BalaSanskritChild,  Young oneBoy
BalaSanskritA young girlGirl
BalaadityaIndianYoung Sun,  Young Man,  Rising SunBoy
BalaadityaSanskritYoung Sun,  Young ManBoy
BalachandraIndianYoung moonBoy
BalachandraIndianYoung Moon,  Crescent moonBoy
BalachandraSanskritYoung Moon,  Crescent moonBoy
BaladityaIndianYoung SunBoy
BalagovindSanskritYoung cow-herd,  Infant KrishnaBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Young'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
CullenIrish Whelp,  Young Pup
PageEnglish Page,  Young servant
Origin:  GreekHebrewArabicSanskritIrishLatinGermanIndianEnglish
Religion:  JainHinduMuslim
Rashi:  MeshVrushabh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)Shukra (Venus)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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