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Short Stories
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   A Little Lesser and a Little More
   Akbar's Advisor
   Akbar's Dream
   Akbar's meeting with Birbal
   Begum Tricked
   Birbal Betrays Himself
   Birbal Denies a Rumour
   Birbal Identifies a Guest
   Birbal Identifies the Thief
   Birbal is Brief
   Birbal Outwits a Cheat
   Birbal Returns Home
   Birbal Shortens a Road
   Birbal turns the Tables
   Birbal, the Intelligent Child
   Birbal, the Wiseman
   Birbal's Beautiful Explanation
   Birbal's Choice
   Birbal's Khichri
   Birbal's Meeting with Akbar
   Birbal's Painting
   Birbal's Sweet Reply
   Birbal's Visit to Heaven
   Flowers for Akbar
   Four Fools
   Half Sun, Half Shade
   Half the Reward
   How Many Crows in the Kingdom
   I am Your Servant
   Just One Question
   Limping Horse
   List of the Blind
   Milk for the Mulla
   Mullaa uses his Head
   Mullaa's Flattening Answer
   Noble Beggar
   Pandit Sevaram
   Poet Raidas
   Question for a Question
   Re Union
   Red Hot Test
   Speed of the Sun
   The Blind Saint
   The Cock and the Hen
   The Donkey's Relatives
   The Emperor's Servant
   The Exact Portrait
   The Fastest Horse
   The Foolish Brahmin
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