indian baby names
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Short Stories
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   A Friend in Need
   A Three-In-One Story
   Crows and the Owls
   Elephants and Hares
   Frogs that Rode a Snake
   How a Sparrow Came To Grief
   Meeting a New Friend
   Shandili and Sesame Seeds
   Story of the Merchant's Son
   Suchimukha and the Monkey
   Tale of the Bird with two heads
   Tale of the Golden Droppings
   Tale of the Three Fish
   The Ass who has No Brains
   The Big Lion and the Little Rabbit
   The Bird Pair and the Sea
   The Bird with Two Necks
   The Blue Jackal
   The Brahmani and the Mongoose
   The Brahmin and the Cobra
   The Brahmin and the Crooks
   The Brahmin's Dream
   The Brahmin's Gift
   The Bug and the Poor Flea
   The Camel, the Jackal and the Crow
   The Carpenter and the Ape
   The Carpenter's Wife
   The Cat Partridge and the Hare
   The Crafty Crane and the Craftier Crab
   The Crane and the Crab
   The Crow and Rat Discourse
   The Crows and the Black Snake
   The Crows and the Serpent
   The Cunning Hare and the Witless Lion
   The Cunning Mediator
   The Day Dreaming Priest
   The Elephant and the Sparrow
   The Fall and Rise of a Merchant
   The Foolish Crane and the Mongoose
   The Foolish Lion and the Clever Rabbit
   The Foolish Sage and the Jackal
   The Fox Reared by the Lion
   The Geese and the Tortoise
   The Girl who married a Snake
   The Gold Giving Serpent
   The Greedy Cobra and the King of Frogs
   The Greedy Jackal
   The Hermit and the Mouse
Page:   1,   2