indian baby names
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Short Stories
   The Banyan Deer
   The Buffalo and Monkey
   The Chaddanta Elephant
   The Crab and the Crane
   The Cunning Wolf
   The Elephant and Dog
   The Elephant Girly Face
   The Foolish Timid Rabbit
   The Golden Deer
   The Golden Goose
   The Golden Swan
   The Grannie's Blackie
   The Great Hearted Monkey
   The Hare on the Moon
   The Hawks and their Friends
   The Jackal who saved Lion
   The King Monkey
   The King's White Elephant
   The Measure of Rice
   The Merchant of Seri
   The Monkey and the Crocodile
   The Noble Stag
   The Ox who envied the Pig
   The Ox who won the Forfeit
   The Penny wise Monkey
   The Power of a Rumour
   The Princes and the Water Sprite
   The Quarrel of the Quails
   The Sandy Road
   The Silva Elephant
   The Story of the Jealous Cousin
   The Swans
   The Tale of Monkey Brothers
   The Tale of the Lion and the Jackal
   The Tale of the Owl
   The Tale of the Two Parrots
   The Turtle who couldn't stop talking
   The Turtle who saved his own life
   The Two Deer
   The White Elephant
   The Wind and Moon
   The Wise and the Foolish Merchant
   The Wise Monkey and Water Demon
   Why the Owl Is not King of the Birds