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Short Stories


Once Bodhisatta was born as a Naga king Champeyya in the Champa river in a want to enjoy the majestic life of the Naga world. He was then married to a very pretty princess Sumana and also he enjoyed all the varieties of luxuries and comforts. But soon he developed in himself a disinterest to the royal life-style. He desired to live a life of an outsider to practice Sila-Paramita (perfection of the righteous behavior). Sumana, the queen was troubled and tried to discourage him from such desiring. Yet, her best efforts could not change the mind of the king and one day he finally step down from the throne to live a pleasant life of an  much to the pain of his pregnant wife. He withdraw on an ant-hill to practice his holy fast for certain number of days; and to contribute his life to the work of the others.

When he was deeply concentrating in his meditation on the ant-hill a snake charmer saw him. Suddenly, the large snake came near him and became a prey for him. He repeated his mantra to control the snake. The mantra, however, failed to have any effect on the Naga.

Yet, the snake imagined as if he was beaten by the charm. The charmer then put him into the basket again and took him from one place to another and made him dance to his tunes on every road-side passing through Avanti, Savatthi and Vidisa until he reached Varanasi, the kingdom of king Uggasena.

For the time being Sumana, the pregnant queen, who could not control the emotions of being separated from her husband ignored the advice of all including the royal physician and wandered from place to place to look for her beloved husband. On the way, she gave birth to the new king. However, On the other hand, she kept on moving in his search for several years until one day, she could find out the serpent king dancing to the tune of a snake charmer in the court of Varanasi.

The sudden arrival of his wife with her son clothed like a beggar shocked the serpent king. So, he immediately stopped dancing to the surprise of all including the king.

Now, Sumana made a formal request to king Uggasena to help her husband released at least for the sake of her son; and introduced her story. The king was impressed and agreed to her request. He got the Naga king released to join his family. The serpent king then invited him to visit the Naga world. The Varanasi king accepted the invitation and enjoyed his generosity for seven days.