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Short Stories

      Kandari - The Handsome Prince

"Kandari", was a king of Varanasi and was very handsome. He was known to all for his charming personality all over the places. He had a habit to use one thousand bottles of perfume each day. His food was cooked on nice fragrant wood. His charm, reputation and riches were much enough to attract any of the woman to be as his wife.

He was later married to a gorgeous, beautiful looking and a charming woman named Kinnaraa and provided her all the things that could please her. Moreover, to keep the queen happy, he remained peaceful unlike his existing rulers.

One day, Kinnaraa was looking outside her palace. Suddenly through the window she saw a superior cripple. He was very ugly and dirty; stuck in mud and dust; and clothed in rags. Still, she gathered a strong sensual love for the man; and developed a strong  wish for his hold.

The cripple then took his shelter under a jambu tree. He was wandering here and there in search of food and water. When the king slept at night, Kinnaraa then visited the cripple and offered him some delicious food and made him love her. Since from that minute, she regularly carried food for him and fulfilled her carnal desires.

Since, after some weeks had passed on, one day, when the king was returning on his way to the palace along with the royal minister Panchalachanda, he saw the cripple and wondered whether that superior cripple could ever win the love of any woman! So, to find an answer for this, he looked at his minister. The cripple, who did was not knowing about the king, heard the conversation and proudly shouted that he had won the love of the queen of the kingdom. The king was shocked. But, to look into the matter, he on the advice of his assistant watched the queen’s movements at night. He observed that the queen was moving outside with delicious food and going to the beggar. When she reached close to the beggar the beggar slapped her so hard that her pendant broke and fell on to the ground. He had hit her because she was late that night; and the beggar had to wait for her so longer. Still, she cuddled the cripple.

Now, to the king it was as much as clear as the light of the dawn that what the cripple’ said was true; and he was but a cuckold.

Later, next morning, he call upon her in the court and ordered her finishing. Panchalachanda, the minister, then pleased the king to show mercy to her as she had only followed her character common to most women. To prove his point, he took him to most places both within and outside the kingdom in costume and introduced him to several women to test their behavior. Ultimately, the king was pleased with what his minister had said. So, he freed the life of the queen but send  her away from the kingdom with the cripple.

Finally, he ordered his men to cut off the jambu tree.