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Short Stories

      Mango thief

Once upon a time there was a evil ascetic who had built a meditating place in a mango grove on the side of the river Ganga. He was an ascetic just for the name’s sake as his aim was the greed for donations and gifts from others. Also, he spent most of his time in guarding the mangoes; enjoy and eat them.

During those days, the Bodhisatta was born as Sakka who was the king of heaven. One day, when he was functioning the affairs on the earth, he saw the evil ascetic finding out all the ways of evil practices. So, he decided to teach him a lesson.

One day, when the ascetic had gone to the village for the alms, Sakka by his supernatural power appeared and knocked down the mangoes from the orchard and made it appear as if it was looted by the thieves.

After returning from the village, the evil ascetic was much angry at the scene of his orchard and looked for the thieves all around. At that same moment the four daughters of a Varanasi merchant were passing by through that area. The ascetic caught all four of them in doubt and blamed them as if they were the thieves.

Each of the four women then seriously stated of their virtue. The evil ascetic then set them free as he could not find any evidence against them. Thus, insulted and embarrassed all four maidens went away weeping.

Sakka, however, did not like the behavior of the evil ascetic towards those women. So, he appeared before him in a terrible form to teach him a lesson. Thus, frightened by Sakka the evil ascetic escaped from the orchard for ever..