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Short Stories


Metteya is considered to be the much awaited Future Buddha, who is yet to be born in this world. When he would take birth on this world he will then be called as the twenty-fifth Buddha according to the Pali tradition. Besides, He would be counted as the fifth and the last of the Buddhas of the current aeon, i.e., the Bhadda Kappa. It is believed that he would be born when the human life will reach to eighty-four thousand years. The place of his birth would be Ketumati in the reign of Chakkavatti Samkha, who himself shall become a follower of the Buddha and refuse to live the worldly life.

Metteya would be born in an famous cultured family and his name would be Ajita. The name of his  tribe would also be Metteya. His father's name would be Subrahma; and of the mother would be Brahmavati. He would be married to Chandamukhi and his son's name will be Brahmavaddhana. He will live in four palaces for eight thousand years, which shall be called Sirivaddha, vaddhamana, Siddhattha and Chandaka. He would then refuse the world after seeing the four signs.

Along with his most remarkable followers would be his two brothers Isidatta and Purana; and Jatimitta, Vijaya among the men; and Suddhana and Sanghaa and Visakha among the women. Asoka and Brahmadeva among the priest; and Paduma and Sumana among the female priest would be his chief disciples. Siha would be his personal attendant. He would attain Enlightenment under a Naga tree.

It is said that in the tradition-the Future Buddha has his residence in Tusita Deva-world, where he is called Nath. He is often represented or sculpted in crowns and jewels as he is yet to refuse  the worldly life.