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Short Stories

      Sikhi Buddha

Sikhi Buddha is known to be the twentieth Buddha in the Pali tradition. His father's name was Arunava and his mother was Pabhavati. The place, where he was born is called Arunavati. The name of his wife was Sabbakama. He had a son whose name was Atula.

He lived in the palaces of Suchanda, Giri and Vehana for seven thousand years until he refused to live the house-hold life riding on an elephant. He practiced asceticism for eight months. Just before the Enlightenment he accepted the milk-rice from Daughter-of-Piyadassi-Setthi; and sat on the seat prepared from the grass by Anomadassi. The tree of his Enlightenment was Pundarika (lotus). He delivered his first talk in the Migachira Park and confirmed his twin-miracle at a place near Suriyavati under a Champaka tree. Abhibhu and Sambhava were his head priest followers; and Akhila and Paduma were his principal female followers. His head attendant was Khemankara. Sirivaddha and Chanda were his head male believers; and Chitta and Sugutta were the head among the women.

He lived for seventy thousand years and died in Dussarama in Silavati.

He was called Sikhi because his turban looked like a sikha (flame).

During his age the Bodhisatta was born as the king Arindama and ruled the kingdom of Paribhutta.