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Short Stories

      The Box of the Monster

Once the Bodhisatta lived in the foothills of the Himalaya as a recluse. He lived on the wild fruits and had developed great supernatural powers among himself. Not far from his hut there also lived a monster, who was attracted to the teachings of the Bodhisatta and often visited him to listen to his lectures. Still, the power of the sage did not convert his basic character, and he continued to practice killing men and eating them.

One day, there was a gorgeous young lady of Kashi who was on her way to her parents was moving from there. When she was entering the forest followed by her armed men, the monster saw them; and attacked them by assuming a terrible form. No sooner than the lady’s men saw the monster they all ran by dropping their weapons and leaving the lady and her carriage behind. Attracted by the beauty of the maiden the monster thought of marrying her; and not to kill or eat her. So, he brought her to his cave and married her and made her his wife. Since then, he fed her ghee, honey, husked rice, fish and meat and so on and brought her the costliest dress and ornaments. But he did not trust her loyalty. So, to keep her guarded, he placed her in a box, which he swallowed it usually and kept inside his tummy.

One day, he went to a lake to take the bath. So, he emitted the box out of his tummy and threw it on the shore. He then took out his woman and rub her and bathed her in the lake. Then he dressed her in a pretty dress and let her move freely on the shore to enjoy the fresh breath and went to the lake for a dip.

When the monster was off to the lake the woman saw the son of Vayu (Wind), walking through air with a sword tied in his waist. He was a great magician. Attracted to the magician’s personality, she gesture him for amusement. When the magician came down, she asked him to enter the box quickly and hide there if he wanted to have fun with her. And before the monster could return, she herself went inside the box and sat on top of him by covering him with her dress.

When the monster returned, he swallowed the box in a routine course and flew to the house of the recluse to hear his lectures.

The recluse welcomed him and said, “I welcome you three!.” Surprised the monster asked, “Why ‘three’ when I am only with my wife? we are only two.” The recluse then told him the truth and informed him that the dangerous magician was also sitting inside the box with the lady.

Knowing that the magician was inside his tummy with a sword; and was likely to tear open his tummy, he spit out the box instantly and discovered what the recluse had said was true or not. Luckily, the magician had not fully drawn out his sword by then though he had opened the box. And no sooner than the box was dropped on the ground Vayu Putta, which was the name of the magician, float in the air with his sword and dissolved into the air. Had the magician remained a little longer in this tummy he would have certainly killed the monster by his sword.

Thus saved by the ascetic’s knowledge the monster bent before him and thanked him for saving his life.

The Bodhisatta in turn advised him to set the woman free; and walk towards the path of intelligence.