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Short Stories

      The Great Gambler

Once upon a time, there was a rich businessman. He was smart and young. He was fond of dealing.

One day he was on his business trip. That time he stayed in an hotel. There, he was invited for a game of dealing by a expert dealer who supposed to be as 'unbeatable guy' in the game. When the game has begin, he noticed that his challenger had chosen to foul play by silently demolishing up the dice and acting as if it to be lost. This made the young man lose the game.

The young man, however in his deal, did not accept his beat by his opponent. He thought of teaching a lesson to his opponent. So, when he returned home he mucked the dice with poison and dried them very carefully. And on the next day, he went to his opponent and challenged him for a fresh round of game. The other challenger again quickly put the dice into his mouth. But once again, he was detected by the young dealer, who shouted, "Swallow. Swallow. O my dear! Now, You will know what have you swallowed is but poison and not the dice what you thought about was."

The poison started working. The cheat twist in pain. His eyes rolled and he fainted. As the young man did not have any intention to kill his opponent, he took out some medicine from his bag and made him drink, which made him vomit and so in this way all the poison released out of him .

This cured the fellow dealer. He came back to his senses and never dared to cheat others in the game of dice.