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List of Names meaning 'Bear'

Abdul HaleemIndianServant of the forbearing OneBoy
Abdus SaburIndianSlave of the forbearingBoy
AilaFinnishLight BearerGirl
AileanaScottishLight BearerGirl
AileenScottishLight Bearer,  Fair haired beauty,  BirdGirl
AileeneScottishLight BearerGirl
Al Halim (الحليم)IndianThe Forbearing 
AmasaHebrewTo Bear,  to CarryBoy
AmosHebrewTo Bear,  to CarryBoy
AnhurEgyptianSky Bearer,  Or Brings Back the Distant OneBoy
Arcadia  (Αρκαδία)GreekBearGirl
Arkadios  (Αρκάδιο)GreekBearBoy
ArsulaLatinLittle she-bearGirl
ArtEnglishBear man,  Eagle of ThorBoy
ArtIndianBear man,  Eagle of ThorBoy
ArthfaelWelshBear Chief,  Warrior PrinceBoy
ArthurEnglishBear man,  Eagle of ThorBoy
ArthurIndianBear man,  Eagle of ThorBoy
ArtieEnglishBear man,  Eagle of ThorBoy
ArtieIndianBear man,  Eagle of ThorBoy
ArtoriusLatinBear manBoy
ArturEnglishBear man,  Eagle of ThorBoy
ArturIndianBear man,  Eagle of ThorBoy
AsbarnNorwegianDivine bearBoy
AsbjornNorseDivine bearBoy
AsrsulaPortugueseLittle female bearGirl
ÃsrsulaEnglishLittle She-bearGirl
ÃsrsulaIndianLittle She-bearGirl
AuberScandinavianBear,  WarriorBoy
AuberonFrenchElf BearBoy
AubreeFrenchBlond Ruler,  Bear likeGirl
AubreyFrenchBlond Ruler,  Bear likeGirl
AubrianaFrenchBlond Ruler,  Bear likeGirl
AubrianneFrenchBlond Ruler,  Bear likeGirl
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List of Surnames meaning 'Bear'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AlfieriItalian Standard bearer,  Mounted fighter,  Knight
ArthurEnglish Bear man
BannermanScottish Standard bearer
BarnardEnglish Bold as a bear
BarneyEnglish Bold as a bear
BarnhamEnglish The Town of Bearnham
BernardEnglish Bold as a bear
BurneyEnglish Son of Biorna,  Bear
BurneyIrish Son of Biorna,  Bear
DriscollIrish Son of the messenger,  News bearer
OrsonEnglish Little Bear,  Bear Cub
OsbourneEnglish Divine Bear
ThorburnScottish Thor's Bear
Origin:  PortugueseWelshGreekFrenchEgyptianIrishIndianNorwegianHebrewScottishEnglishScandinavianLatinItalianFinnishNorse
Religion:  MuslimChristian
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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