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Sibling names for 'Ladhi'

AalapIndianMusical,  Prelude to a ragaBoy
GandharvIndianCelestial musician,  Master in musicBoy
GandharvIndianMaster in musicBoy
GandharvIndianMaster in music,  Gandhi SonBoy
GandharvIndianMaster in music,  SunBoy
GandharvaIndianCelestial musicianBoy
GandharvaIndianCelestial musician,  Master in musicBoy
IsaiarasuIndianKing of musicBoy
IsaivalanIndianSkilled musicianBoy
KrtiIndianLord of musicBoy
MalharIndianA raga in Indian musicBoy
MalharIndianRaga used in Indian musicBoy
NadapratithishtaIndianOne who appreciates and loves musicBoy
NishadIndianSeventh note on Indian musical scaleBoy
RishabIndianSuperior,  Morality,  A musical noteBoy
RishabhIndianSuperior,  Morality,  A musical noteBoy
SarangIndianJewel,  Musical instrument,  Sun GodBoy
SarangIndianMusical instrument,  Sun God,  Jewel,  Spotted deerBoy
SargamIndianMusical notesBoy
ShinjanIndianMusic of payalBoy
ShinjanIndianMusic of payelBoy
SomsangitIndianCombination of music and lord ShivaBoy
SurIndianA musical noteBoy
SurIndianMusical noteBoy
SurdaasIndianServant of musical tunesBoy
SurdasIndianServant of musical tunesBoy
SurdeepIndianLamp of musicBoy
SurdeepIndianLord Indra,  Lamp of musicBoy
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 Similar sounding names:
 Eilidh,  Eladah,  Ladhi,  Ladu,  Lady,  Laidey,  Laith,  Lata,  Latoya,  Layth,  Leda,  Leith,  Leod,  Leoda,  Leota,  Leotie,  Leta,  Letha,  Leto,  Lettie,  Letty,  Letya,  Leyati,  Leyti,  Liat,  Lida,  Liddy,  Lidia,  Lidiya,  Lita
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