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Sibling names for 'Ladu'

AshnaaIndianDaughter of King BaliGirl
DeleenaIndianGood lookingGirl
HasinaIndianGood looking,  Lady,  BeautifulGirl
IndrasenaIndianDaughter of king NalaGirl
JanakiIndianDaughter Of King Janak,  Goddess SitaGirl
JanaknandiniIndianDaughter of king JanakGirl
JanaknandiniIndianDaughter of king Janak (Sita)Girl
JanaknandiniIndianDaughter Of King Janak,  Goddess SitaGirl
KanishkaIndianGold,  A KingGirl
NabhiIndianCentre of body,  An ancient KingGirl
NabhyaIndianCentre of body,  An ancient KingGirl
NageswariIndianKing of serpentsGirl
NageswariIndianKing of snakesGirl
NiharikaIndianNebula,  A girl who is admired by looking itselfGirl
NiharikaIndianThe girl who is admired by looking itselfGirl
OormilaIndianDaughter of King Janaka of Mithila,  Name of Lakshman's wifeGirl
PremilaIndianFull of love,  Queen of a women's kingdomGirl
PremilaIndianQueen of a women's kingdomGirl
RajashriIndianRoyalty,  King's Pride,  OrnamentGirl
RajasiIndianWorthy of a kingGirl
RajinderIndianThe emperor,  King of KingsGirl
RajshriIndianSage like kingGirl
SharmisthaIndianYayathi's (a king) wifeGirl
SudakshimaIndianWife of king DilipGirl
SudeshnaIndianOne who brings good news,  Wife of king VirataGirl
SudeshnaIndianWife of king VirataGirl
SuryakantaIndianLoved by the sun,  Glowing,  Good Looking,  A JewelGirl
TreyaIndianWalking in three pathsGirl
UttaraIndianDaughter of king VirataGirl
UttaraIndianStar,  Daughter of king VirataGirl
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