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 Rashi of English Boy names (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Gender Origin
BudBoyEnglish, Indian
BuddyBoyEnglish, Indian
BuntyUnisexEnglish, Indian
BurneyBoyEnglish, Indian
BurtBoyEnglish, Indian
BurtonBoyEnglish, Indian
BusterBoyEnglish, Indian
ButchBoyEnglish, Indian
BuzBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
ByrneBoyEnglish, Indian
ByronBoyEnglish, French, Indian
ByssheBoyEnglish, Indian
CadeBoyEnglish, Indian
CadenBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
CadenceUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
CadmusBoyEnglish, Greek, Indian, Latin
CadoganBoyEnglish, Indian
CaesarBoyEnglish, Indian, Latin
CainBoyBiblical, English, French, Hebrew, Indian
CainanBoyEnglish, Indian
CairoBoyEnglish, Indian
CalBoyEnglish, Indian
CalderBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
CaleBoyEnglish, Indian
CalebBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
CallahanBoyEnglish, Indian
CallumBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
CalvertBoyEnglish, Indian
CalvinBoyEnglish, Indian
CamUnisexEnglish, Indian, Scottish, Vietnamese
CamdenBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
CameronUnisexEnglish, Indian, Scottish
CampBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
CampbellUnisexEnglish, French, Indian, Scottish
CampionBoyEnglish, Indian
CamronUnisexEnglish, Indian, Scottish
CamrynUnisexEnglish, Indian
CananUnisexEnglish, Indian, Turkish
CarbreyBoyEnglish, Indian
CarbryBoyEnglish, Indian
CareyUnisexEnglish, Indian
CarlBoyEnglish, German, Indian, Norwegian
CarlisleBoyEnglish, Indian
CarltonBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
CarlyleBoyEnglish, Indian
CarlynUnisexEnglish, Indian
CarmelUnisexEnglish, Hebrew, Indian, Latin
CarmiBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
CarolUnisexEnglish, French, Indian, Latin
CarranBoyEnglish, Indian
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