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Ideal weight for Women

A person is said to have Ideal weight or normal weight when the BMI or body mass index is between 18.5 and 25. Women who have not yet given birth to any child generally have lean body and lower weight than a married woman with child / children’s. Child bearing woman generally tend to add more body fat and generally weigh more

Ideal weight of any person primarily depends upon his/her height, BMI of woman’s are generally lower than of man of same height, also woman belonging to different region have different physics, and a woman from Fareast Asia and Southeast Asia are generally leaner than a woman from Middle East Asia and Europe.

A normal weight or healthy weight person is generally regarded as having lower risk towards developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. However the woman athletes who may have more muscular body, more weight and higher BMI than a normal woman may still have lower health risk factor.

A pregnant woman and/or breast feeding mothers add lots of fat (and weight) into their body and this is perfectly normal. The added weight during pregnancy and during breast feeding generally goes away with suitable exercise that can be started once the child is suitably grown and doesn’t need any more breast feeding.

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