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Teething in newborn babies usually starts at an age of three months and continues till they are of age of around three years. For few babies the teething process may begin early or little later, in about one in two thousand babies are born with one or more teeth and few babies do not even get their first teeth until they are six months older.

During teething process the edge of the teeth grows out and pushes the gums to open a widening in gum and creates a way for its sprouting out. This process causes lot of itchiness in gums and makes baby to cut or chew any object that they get around. It is also noted that babies sometime begins biting mother while feeding. In reality biting and chewing produced scratches or friction and pressure on gums that helps the teeth to grow out of gums faster.

TIP: During the teething period, provide a clean teether or teething ring to kids, this are generally soft and are scientifically designed to easy the itching and help the baby to grow out the teeth faster. Alternatively teething biscuits are recommended. This biscuits are usually hard and can be given to the baby to chew that will loosen the gums and will ease the sprouting of teeth.

During teething as the teeth grows out it puts lots of pressure from inside the gums and in many kids the gums get swollen, becomes red or becomes to much irritable. Teething process can be visualized like a hard rock pressurizing against a marshy mass, this sometime creates pain and irritation in and around the gums that usually gets more intense during the night, causing more pain in the gums. While teething the baby gets more irritated and usually cries frequently at night..

TIP: Provide child with soft teether or teething rings, apply pure cow ghee around the swollen gums. If the situation does not improves and the child continues to cry seek the medication as prescribed by the pediatrician.

During teething salivation is more intense due to the excessive activities of mouth and gums.

TIP: Keep saliva napkin around babies neck and make sure that this napkin is soft and clean and is changed frequently. The napkin should be soft and should be kept sufficiently loose away from the neck of the newborn so that the neck of newborn doesn't gets compressed. Buff the kids with baby powder around neck and make sure no rashes or compression in skin is produced either by saliva or by saliva napkin.

Eating habits and pattern of newborn babies changes a lot during teething, many babies totally avoid feeding because of excessive pains in gums. It is also noted that some babies starts eating more solids foods.

TIP: Provide child with soft teether or teething rings, Provide teething biscuit or cookies to kids. Provide gentle massage to gums with clean hands and pure cow ghee. Consult pediatrician (child doctor) if the condition is too painful or else if the kids grows weaker because of change in eating pattern

Teething experience is faced by every kid and this experiences varies from kids to kids, sometime kids gets fever, loose motion, bleeding or swelling in gums. Parents are advised to consult doctor if needed

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