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Skin care tips

Newborn babies skin has thin layer of epidermis (outer layer of skin) which is very supple and agile. Skin of newborn babies can develop rashes even with a slight rough touch, newborn babies should be touched only with clean hands and with soft, dry & clean cloths. Skin care of babies are very demanding and can be carried out as below:

Parents are advised to use multi-refined and softened olive oils, coconut oil or mustard oil. A gentle massage with soft hand should be done and massage should be carried out in direction of body hair to avoid hair break. Massage oil should be bought from medical counter or reputed baby product stores. Special medicated baby oil can be used for baby massage

Use clean lukewarm water to bath your baby, for best water, parents can boil the water and then cool it and then use this water to bath newborn. Parents can add neem leaves while boiling the water to disinfect the water, additionally many medicated drops may be added to the water to disinfect and/or perfume the water. Mild baby soap and baby shampoo should only be used, regular toilet soap that are meant for grownup are not good for newborn skin. Soft towel should be used to wipe out the extra moisture. After bath a gentle massage with skin oils either coconut oil or olive oil can be applied on the skin if needed. Very fine ground bentonite clay can be used to wash baby’s skin

Post Bath Applicators:
Soft baby powders can be used as post bath applicators during  summer when the air is moist and when baby get rashes due to extensive sweat. Baby powder can also be used during wet monsoon season. Powders can be applied on genital areas such as neck creases, arm pits and back. Powders containing bentonite clay and cornstarch are recommended and those containing talc must be avoided. Now a days medicated baby lotions and baby cream are available, they have special formula for baby skin. During dry winter parents are advised to apply baby cream regularly to prevent dry skin and skin cracks in newborn. Natural cream should be used to moisturize baby skin and petroleum jelly based cream should avoided as they sometime can cause allergy

Nappy rash protection:
Nappy rashes in babies are very common, nappy rashes are mostly caused due to rough edges of cloths, allergenic chemicals used in nappies and diapers. Nappies and diapers that are to be used should be allergenic chemical free and should be changed frequently. Medicated baby powder or baby cream containing Zinc Oxide and chamomile should be applied on baby skin be prevent nappy rashes. Cloths of the kids should be always sun dried in strong and direct sunlight, strong sunlight kills germs and bacteria

Many commercial baby skin-care products are readily available in market. Range of skin-care products that are developed for babies skin are soaps, shampoos, liquid baths, baby powder, baby massage oils, baby lotions etc.  Parents are advised to buy only the reputed brands product and these products should be bought only from medical counter or reputed baby product shops

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