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Urinary tract infection and stool soiling

Every parents want to keep their newborn clean and hygiene, however for the newborn babies the main hurdle that stops a child from being hygienic are stool soiling and urinary infections.

The most common problem in newborn babies is Urinary tract infection or UTI. Caused by bacteria, this infection gives burning and irritating urination symptoms to child. Newborn babies do not have a strong immune system, bacteria attacks anywhere in the urinary tract which are urine tubes running from kidney to bladder. Inflammation is produced in urinary tract and irritating urination symptoms is noticed in child.

One or more symptoms may be present in child due to Urinary tract infection (UTI)
   *  Blood strain in urinate
   *  Back pain and/or pain in lower stomach
   *  Burning sensation while urinating
   *  Itchy or pressing sensation while urinating
   *  Frequent urination and/or in small quantity

Though very common in newborn babies, Urinary tract infection is also found in older babies and this kind of infection reduces as child grows and develops more immunity with age. UTI is generally caused by bubble baths, close fit garments, urine held for long times and unhygienic underwear. A girl child is more likely to be affected by UTI because of nearness of uterus to rectum

Kids suffering from Urinary tract infection should drink lot of purified boiled water. Luke warm water can ease the back and stomach pain symptom. Wear loose cloths, change underwear daily. Cloths of the kids should be always sun dried in strong and direct sunlight, strong sunlight kills germs and bacteria

Urinary tract infection can become a serious health issue if not handled with care, please seek an immediate medical advice and provide proper treatment to your child. As a precautionary measure avoid bubble bath, and wipe front to back during defecation typically for a girl child so that bacteria from rectum may not enter uterus and vagina.

Next common problem is stool soiling also known as encopresis and is commonly caused by of constipation. The main cause of constipation are:
   *  Unusual diet
   *  Internal problem
   *  Medication side effects.

During constipation very small quantity of stool is ejected through rectum this makes child feel uneasy on defecation. Constipation may also lead to stool dangling, passing out stool at small intervals and thus make child's underwear dirty. During constipation the stool of the child gets dried and hard and creates pain in rectum and uneasiness while ejecting

Cure for constipation and irritable bowel syndrome are simple:
   *  No caffeine drinks
   *  Feed child with high fibrous diets
   *  Give more liquids such fresh fruit juice (but avoid excess milk and milk product)
   *  Use lemon or other natural vitamin C source in food or drinks .

If the above natural remedies does not help, please seek medical advise. If problem is related to the birth defect, consulting doctor for proper medical treatment in highly recommended

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