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Baby Health, Adult Health

Baby Health

   Baby Growth Calculator
   Vaccination schedule for Indian children
   Baby height chart
   Baby weight chart
   Baby height and weight chart
   Infant height and weight chart
   Adult RDA - Nutrient requirements and Recommended Dietary Allowances for Indians
   Children RDA - Nutrient requirements and Recommended Dietary Allowances for Indians
   Baby records chart for Boy child
   Baby records chart for Girl child
   Skin care tips for your baby
   How to avoid kid wetting bed
   Common Cold and Viral fevers
   Urinary tract infection and stool soiling
   Sleep problem in New-born
   Tips on baby teething
   Tips for keeping your baby healthy

Adult Health

   BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)
   What is BMI
   BMR Calculator (daily calorie requirement)
   Ideal Weight Calculator (for Adult)
   Weight Management (for Adult)
   Body Fat Calculator
   Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator
   Ideal weight for Men
   Ideal weight for Women
   What is healthy weight
   Weight loss tips
   Normal Weight
   Slight Overweight
   What is Body Fat percentage (Body Fat Index)
   Body Fat Index Calculator (Body Fat percentage)
   Overweight Treatment
   Underweight Treatment
   Obesity Treatment
   Calories burned in different activities (Calories Burned Calculator)
   Calories in food (Find calories in common food items)
   Blood sugar conversion
   Volume to weight


   Due Date Calculator  (Pregnancy)
   When is Ovulation  (Ovulation Calculator)
   Fertility Calculator  (Pregnancy Calculator)
   Safe Period Calculator
   Fetal Growth Calculator  (Fetal growth in different weeks)
   Fetal Size Calculator  (Size of fetus in different weeks)
   Pregnancy Week by Week
   Pregnancy Month by Month
   Pregnancy Trimester
   Signs or Symptoms of Pregnancy
   Pregnancy Tests
   Birth Control  (Family Planning)

Birth Control

   Birth Control Overview
   Different methods of birth control
   Different Contraceptive & Medications
   Comparison of birth control methods
   Effect on Health
   Effect on family economy
   Safe Period Calculator
   When is Ovulation  (Ovulation Calculator)


   Zodiac Astrology
   Chinese Astrology
   Find your Star sign
   Find your Birthstone
   Find Name Numerology
   Find Lucky number, color, stone, day and more
   Find Auspicious stones for your name
   Names by Rashi, Planets, Nakshatra (lunar mansion)
   Different names of God, Goddess, 108 Names
   Find Compatibility by Zodiac  (Rashi Compatibility)
   Birthday Compatibility Calculator
   Astrological Compatibility of Name  (Name compatibility)
   Chinese Star sign Compatibility
   Birth-date Compatibility using Chinese Astrology

Surname (Family name) search tools

   Find a Surname  (Search Surname)
   Find Meaning of Surname
   Find Origin of Surname
   List Surnames similar to... (Similar sounding surnames)
   Indian Surnames
   International Surnames
   Surname by State  (region of origin)
   Surname by Language  (mother-tongue)
   Hindu Surnames
   Muslim Surnames
   Christian Surnames

Name search tools

   Find a Name  (Search Name)
   Find Meaning of name
   Find in-depth information of name
   Find Summary of name
   Find Origin of name
   Find Gender of name  (Gender Calculator / Predictor)
   Find Rashi of name
   Find Numerology of name
   Find Religion from name  (Only informative, do not discriminate humans by religion)
   List Names similar to ...  (Similar sounding names)
   Find Variant of name
   Find Names for Twins
   Generate Baby names from Parent names  (Baby Name Generator)
   Generate Sibling names for ... (Sibling Name Generator)
   Twins Name Calculator  (Twins Name Generator)
   Find Top 100 names  (Most Popular Names)
   Names for Home, Villa, Pets and more
   List Names that means ...

Other Tools

   Gender Calculator
   Sibling Names Generator
   Name Generator
   Clothing Conversion  (cloth size in different region)
   Shoe Size Conversion  (shoe size in different region)
   Blood Sugar Conversion
   Zodiac Astrology  (Signs of Zodiac)
   Chinese Astrology
   Your weight on different planets