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Sibling names for 'Lohit'

AarikaIndianAdmired for looksGirl
AkshataIndianRice,  offered as a sacred substance during puja (worship)Girl
AlakanandaIndianName of a riverGirl
AlaknandaIndianA riverGirl
AlaknandaIndianA river in HimalayasGirl
AlaknandaIndianA River in the HimalayasGirl
AnchitaIndianHonored,  WorshippedGirl
AngarikaIndianFlame colored flower,  Flame of the forestGirl
AngarikaIndianFlame colored flower,  Palash,  Flame of the forestGirl
AnkitaIndianConquered,  A Signet,  SymbolGirl
AnkitaIndianConquered,  Signet,  SymbolGirl
AnkitaIndianConquered,  Signet,  Symbol,  Distinguished,  Marked by the lord,  DedicateGirl
AnulaIndianNon wild,  Gentle,  CulturedGirl
AnulaIndianNon wild,  Gentle,  Cultured,  AgreeableGirl
ArunimaIndianGlow of dawn,  Red glow of dawnGirl
ArushiIndianDawn,  Red sky in the early morning,  First ray of SunGirl
ArushiIndianDawn,  Red sky in the early morning,  First rays of the sunGirl
AryaIndianHonored,  Noble,  Beautiful goddess,  From a high raceGirl
AryaIndianHonored,  Noble,  Goddess Parvati,  Goddess DurgaGirl
AshitaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
AsitaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
AsitaIndianThe River YamunaGirl
AsurakshayamkariIndianReducer of the number of demonsGirl
AtreyeeIndianName of a river,  Container of gloryGirl
AtreyiIndianA riverGirl
AtreyiIndianName of a riverGirl
AtreyiIndianName of a river,  Container of gloryGirl
AvishiIndianEarth,  RiverGirl
BasantiIndianSpring season,  Yellow ColoredGirl
BelIndianSacred wood Apple treeGirl
BelIndianSacred wood-apple treeGirl
BhagirathiIndianThe river GangaGirl
BhanujaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
BhanumatiIndianFull of Luster,  Famous,  River Ganga,  Bright,  ShiningGirl
BhilanganaIndianA riverGirl
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