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Pregnancy weeks

Note: Information provided on this page is for general education only, growth of baby inside womb depends upon many factor and growth of your baby may differ slightly than indicated below, please seek medical assistance when in doubt.

In this week ...
  • Only about 30% of the babies are born on previously estimated due date, during the last few weeks of pregnancy, doctors or midwifes evaluates your pregnancy, fetal growth and estimates the final due date. Even then the baby may be born few days before or after this date.

  • Though a normal pregnancy is considered to be of 40 weeks long, a normal baby sometime may be born as early as in 36th week and some pregnancy may last up to 42 weeks and few pregnancies even lasting beyond 42 weeks.

  • Length of pregnancy depends upon many factors such as Age of mother, fetal growth, number of children given birth by mother prior to current pregnancy, genetics of parents etc. Generally for first time mother and for young age mother the pregnancy may last few days to few weeks beyond due date, although it is perfectly normal, due consultation with your midwife or doctor is necessary.

  • Pregnancies till week 41 are considered as “full-term” pregnancy and beyond 41 weeks is “late-term” pregnancy. Pregnancies lasting beyond 42 week are referred as “post mature” pregnancy.

  • Average length of baby at this stage will be about 20.35 inches or 51.7 centimeter measured Crown to Heel and baby will weigh about 7.93 pounds or 3597 grams.

  • Pregnancy beyond 40 weeks requires a regular health checkup of both mother and baby and in some cases alternate day’s checkup may be required.

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